Is Politics A Dead End To Me?

In order to improve the fluency of speaking English for the upcoming workshop, for the rest of 2 weeks, English will need to become my primary language.  This might well remind me how privileged I am to use my mother tongue everyday without any obstacle.

Thanks to my International History assignment and the tern paper, I’ve been forced to read a lot about Israel, Middle East, and all kinds of craps there. On the one hand, subjects about a complicating situation is never boring; on the other hand, whatever research you want to focus on, it will always connect to 100 other things and turn out to be another mess. My attempt to write something about rational and irrational decision-making hit the dead end. Is it the time to cut lose and change the topic?

The thing I love about politics is that there is nothing obvious about it. It reflects the most realistic and romantic side of human community.  But the thing I hate about politics is that nothing can make this screwed up world better. I guess this is how a pessimist views everything. When you have passion on something, you should feel the urge to do something about it, and you should be able to look at the positive side of it. When it comes to politics, or international politics, I feel that the more I know, the farther I want to keep myself away from it. If all you want to do is being an outsider, why even spent years of study on it?

There is a problem in the political science education. First of all, there is nothing “scientific” about politics; the science is in the textbooks only. From my personal experience, the more you study in those theories and models about politics, instead of getting a deeper understanding of the world, it is the more and confusion you’d get. One question is answered by 10 other questionable answers. There seems to be only two ways for a person to stick with politics: (1) the person who has enough patience and is determined to spend the rest of his/her life answering all the questions, and is okay with leaving the world with still tons of unanswered questions: the scholars whose lives are basically away from reality; (2) the person who has enough gut to speak up for his/her opinions without feeling the need to be responsible to have any truth in it: the politicians who actually dominate the world politics and don’t give a damn about anything in theory.”

Both of them can get along with politics or political science pretty well, but for the rest of us, it’s just like spending all these years to carry a lot of weapons and march to the battlefield just to find out that the enemy is not even there: he is lying on the couch at home and watching you on the monitor. He pushes the red button, and you are bombed into ashes. What’s romantic about political education is that it makes you realize how helpless you are in reality.

President of Student Association Election: anther elite sh*t

It’s the annual election in school for the president of student association. There is one candidate somehow have an overlapping network with me, so I get to see some people’s posts on Facebook talking about him. There is an article written by the candidate, which I believe is meant to encourage students go out and vote, turned out pissing me off. The title is “Why don’t you vote, NTU students?” Here is the quote from the article (translated into English by me):

Why don’t you vote, NTU students?

Is it because you don’t know what SA is doing?

Or is it because it’s not the SA you think?

Or is it because you don’t care about who is elected? Someone will take care of my welfare when something bad happens anyways.

If you don’t understand what SA has done, let me tell you.

If this is not the SA you think, please tell me.

If you don’t care about who’s elected, then please tell me: who is going to fight for your right?

What pisses me off about this guy is his ignorance. In my opinion, NTUSA is always an annoying elite yet incapable group. It takes big ego for to run the campaign, and somehow they always have a big dream they promise to achieve once elected. But the truth is, the most important job for SA is dealing with all kinds of crappy controversial in school, and handling the bubbly and cheerful student activities every years. So basically, we have SA because someone needs to take care of those crappy stuff, not because the hopes and dreams it want and fail to bring. And for those who runs the election, I don’t believe that they care about those hopes and dreams. What they cares about is either looking good on their resume, or paving their path to the real world politics. Either way, at least they should know the basic of election: never talk down to your voters. If you don’t even bother to fake the sincerity, it only says one thing: you are too ignorance for voters to vote for.

Anyways, maybe this article can piss me off so much that I decide to go out and vote for another candidate, so it kind of works for me.

(圖片來源: iwei 威 via flickr)


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