Extremely Tender and Incredibly Tough

2013-04-04 22.46.18

I remember when we first met, or should I say, when you first came up to me. From the moment you decided to talk to this stranger, you’ve showed your caring for all these years. It didn’t take long for me to realize how different we are: you are all about others, and I’m all about myself. But this extremely tender and caring person I know would turn into the toughest soul when it comes to supporting your friends when they need it.

Needless to doubt your strength when you are away by yourself for so long, but I’m just happy to know that you’ve been taking care of. When it comes to love, no one can really tell you what to do, even your head can’t do that, either. It’s all about your heart, your instinct, and your belief. Life is too short to worrying about what future might bring. Life is too short to hesitating on things you want to do. All I want to say is if you want it just a little bit, it’s worth fighting for it.

Oh, you will be away soon. I wish you’ll be happy there, be adventurous there. He might be the one, or he might not be. But if he makes you happy, makes you feel safe, then no-matter what comes next, it’s all-just worth the try. Don’t worry about getting hurt, because you’ll heal eventually, but you see, regret will never go away. Whatever you decide to do, I’ll always be on your side.

If you need me, I’ll always be there.


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